Fish Home Delivery: How to preserve the freshness of fish for long?

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Fresh fish is pricey & is among the most ephemeral food you eat. It is best to cook fresh fish under two days after bringing it home. If the fish is lean, you might get an additional day. If it’s oily, you need to take a day off the whole duration, & if it’s a […]

Why should fish be a part of your diet?

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Fishes have low-fat content and a high omega-3 fat level. Omega-3 improves cognitive function and helps to maintain a healthy heart by lowering blood pressure. Consuming fish on a daily basis, according to studies, can lower the risk of diseases ranging from asthma to cancer. Whitefish, like cod, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but […]

Top 6 Fish Recipes You Can Try At Home during Lockdown

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Fish has a reduced fat content & strong omega-3 fats content. Omega-3 increases cognitive function & aids in the maintenance of a balanced heart by reducing blood pressure. According to research, eating fish on a regular basis can decrease the risk of illnesses ranging from prostate cancer to asthma. Whitefish, such as cod, are high […]

Top 13 fish varieties found in Odisha

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Fishing is a significant industry in India, especially in the coastal regions of Goa, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Odisha, & Gujarat. Aquaculture & fishing in India added 1% of the country’s annual GDP; Andhra Pradesh & West Bengal have the largest fish industries in the country. Indian waters are a significant source of […]